Daily Prompt: Bullet

From Inside the Grey House:

Natalia nodded and waited for the woman to leave. She went back to looking herself over. She looked to her thigh and to her arm where the graze had been. There was no bullet hole, no evidence she had ever been shot, not even a scar. She set the glass down and brought a shaking hand to the unmarred skin. It was the first wound that hadn’t left a scar. Lilly mentioned healing her of the poison; Natalia hadn’t thought to consider everything else would be healed as well.

Natalia move her hand to her shoulder and felt Charlie’s bite mark. Her hand covered the old scar and her eyes closed. The memory flooded her mind as a shudder claimed her body. That encounter with Charlie had left her hurt and wanting. She hated the bite, had craved his touch. She remembered the look in his eye as he had approached her those many years ago. Another shudder wracked her body as a newer memory took over. The look in Vincent’s eyes when he goaded her at the restaurant had mirrored Charlie’s from the night he bit her. 

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