Daily Prompt: Sisterly

From Inside the Grey House:

Mierka cocked her head in surprise. She didn’t think the human had it in her to watch a torture. “The men will break faster if we question the woman first.”

Natalia lowered the tie from her nose in surprise. “Why?”

“A grand show of chivalry, usually. Think women can’t take it.” She gave Natalia a sisterly smile. “Which we know to be incorrect, don’t we?”

Natalia locked eyes with Mierka and returned the smile. She nodded in agreement but let her features still. “Is Dean down here?”

“The one with the sword? Barely.”

“I was wondering if I could try something?”

Vincent and Mierka both gave her quizzical looks.

“What do you have in mind?” His voice was soft, inquisitive.

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