Daily Prompt: Install

From Inside the Grey House:

Joseph knew that every room in the house was wired with cameras and microphones. Vincent liked to make sure guests weren’t plotting against him. Joseph reached into his pants pocket and took out a small remote control he always carried with him. Vincent gave him the device when the surveillance equipment had been installed, in case Joseph wanted to have some privacy with Mierka. The device also came in handy when he and Vincent needed to have private conversations. Though now a days, they could control there were apps to control such things, but apps and phones could be hacked. This remote could not be.

Though Joseph used the device sparingly, he needed to have a private conversation with Natalia. The sequence of numbers he entered into the device controlled the microphones and cameras for this room only. He knew the code for every room, had programmed them with Vincent. When the code was entered, it turned off the recording devices. In the security room the only thing the guard would notice was the video screen changing to a different room. Rebecca was there now watching the screen intently. She had convinced the on-duty guard to take a break. Joseph ordered her to the security room to distract the guard; she decided to take over the watch.

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