Daily Prompt: Desk

The word today made me think of a passage from one of my other books. The working title is Evelyn of Kambria. It has good dragons, a woman born into a farm family, who joins the army and becomes one of their realms’ best soldiers. It also has a kind Prince. Here is one of my favorite passages from that book:

In the study, she closed the door, and went to sit behind her desk, sighing as she looked at the paperwork in front of her. She shook her head, turned her chair and opened the window wide. Evelyn stared out into the night, watching the stars grow brighter, letting her thoughts depart as the moon slowly lit her fields. She smiled and sent her thoughts to Draigone, letting him know the Prince was staying the night. She asked him to send word to Eisian, and therefore the King, to let the King know the Prince was safe. Draigone heard and passed the message along, then settled in for the night, staying connected with Evelyn to help her quiet her thoughts.

They talked of many things but not the Prince, as Evelyn didn’t want to explore her thoughts for him for the moment. Once she was feeling better he bid her good night. Evelyn smiled but didn’t turn back to her paperwork. The night was too beautiful to ignore. The wind picked up again, rustling the leaves in the trees and bringing the scent of the earth to her. She sighed and stood to get a better look out the window.

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