Daily Prompt: Greet

Today, back to Inside the Grey House:

Natalia stood to greet him when he reached the desk. He was dressed to train in black shirt and black tight workout pants. He wasn’t wearing shoes. She shifted uneasily in her ill-fitting borrowed jeans and loose t-shirt. He looked her up and down, a small smile threatening the corners of his mouth. Still unsure of her lover’s next move, she nevertheless understood she would be sharing his bed again.

“Hello, Vincent.”

“How are you, Natalia?”

“I’m…” she was going to lie, but why bother? If she lied to him, he might think she could take him on. Natalia allowed herself to slump a little and let her unease show on her face. “Terrible. I’m terrible. I didn’t sleep and I’m still not sure where I stand with you.”

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