Daily Prompt: Behead

From Inside the Grey House:

Vincent watched as Jesse did as he ordered. The vampire thought that with Natalia distracting the Slayer, Jesse could tackle Dean. He watched as Jesse ran, heard Natalia’s warning and watched as the Slayer turned slowly, lifted his sword and beheaded Jesse with the sword he held lightly in his hand. It was a large sword, but the way the Slayer was holding it, it was obviously very light. Too late he noticed these things as Jesse turned to dust. His eyes grew wide. Jesse had fed; they had all fed, before coming here tonight. He didn’t know how old Jesse was, but had known the shy vampire for over one hundred years. A beheading would not kill him.

Natalia’s blood grew cold as she read the symbols on the blade. She hadn’t thought the sword was real. But here it was, threatening the life she led. The warrior took over, calculating and cold. She understood his last statement: he probably believed her a vampire. It was to her advantage. As long as he didn’t run the blade through her neck or heart, she would be fine. She heard Charlie behind her growling. Other growls joined his. She could let the wolves take him, but she wanted to do this herself: for Vincent and their men. And she wasn’t sure the sword wouldn’t kill the wolves, too. She glanced back at the wolves and silenced them with a look, repeating her order.

“Keep our men back, lover. Let me take care of things.” There was no emotion in her voice.

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