Daily Prompt: Explanation

From Inside the Grey House:

Vincent was steps away from Joseph, seething with anger. Joseph refused to give any kind of explanation. From the look on his face, he wasn’t going to explain until the fight was done. Vincent contemplated just picking Natalia up and carrying her out of the room, except that she wanted to finish the fight. She demanded to be treated as an equal in the training room and worked hard to achieve it. There were different rules when she fought to keep her from dying, but none of her opponents gave her any slack. They used their skills and helped her to test her own. To stop the fight now would be an insult to Natalia.

Vincent ground his teeth, knowing he had to relent. “If in the end, you don’t have a very good explanation…”

“You will take my blood in retaliation.” Joseph stared at Vincent, knowing he had won. He turned to Natalia, who was leaning meekly against the wall. She didn’t look well, but he could still see the warrior. The tension in the room thickened as Joseph ran to his prey.

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