Daily Prompt: Mislead

From Inside the Grey House:

She grabbed the notebook again, holding it up to Vincent’s face. “This is full of notes on your people, Vincent. As I have told you before, Jesse, Ben, Dr. Elving, Kim and Owen are being followed. The only reason Joseph and Mierka aren’t being followed is because they know to look for things like that. No one is following you because you don’t leave the house without your bodyguards. I’ve also found notes on some of Anthony’s people, but most of his people know what they’re doing, and are able to mislead or simply lose their trackers. The Slayers are also following Edwin’s lot, but I’m more worried about your men.”

Vincent frowned. “I thought you stated you killed those following my men.”

“I killed the vampire hunters that were following them, then the group responsible sent Slayers to follow your men. I killed the Slayer following Dr. Elving. When a new one started to follow him, I gave up. I can’t keep killing Slayers. Someone’s going to notice what I’m doing and then they’ll not only hunt me, they’ll stop talking to me. I’m not going to risk the tenuous relationship I have with the Slayers. And this,” she shook the notebook, “is not just about that. This group of Slayers is plotting something big. That’s what I’m trying to find in all this paperwork. What are they plotting and when will it happen? For the past few months, that’s all I’ve been trying to find out, and I haven’t been able to figure it out and that, to me, feels dangerous.”

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