Daily Prompt: Rearview

From Inside the Grey House:

Natalia sat in her car, redressing the new wound on her arm. She was in Vincent’s garage, deciding whether she should get out of the car or wait until noon, when there was a better chance that he would be asleep. There would be trouble for what she’d done. Natalia’s hand went to her silver beaded necklace as she stared at a thin sliver chain hanging from the rearview mirror. Dangling from the chain was a blue stone pendant with a silver engraving of the infinity symbol. She’d found it hanging on Theodore’s trophy wall under the pictures of Tina. The wall was covered with trinkets and pictures of other young girls. Many she recognized from news stories of missing children. It disgusted Natalia, but Theodore was dust now.

Natalia was tempted to call the police so that they could return the trinkets to the girls’ families, but she knew that was impossible. The evidence in the house would lead to her, not a man long thought dead. Edwin seemed to control the police. If he found out she was involved in Theodore’s disappearance, it would mean more trouble for Vincent than for her, once Edwin found out who she belonged to. Therefore, she left the trophy wall alone, choosing to leave the place for Edwin’s people to deal with.

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