Daily Prompt: Child

From Inside the Grey House:

His smile made her blood boil. “For you to understand your place. He is allowing you to join our exercises. Vincent believes you will be an asset if you learn to fight vampires who know how to fight. But understand this: if you break his rules, you will be punished. Though he did not order you to leave Theodore alone, you were in the room when he told Anthony not to kill the vile vampire. If Vincent orders one of us to do something, the order applies to all of us who can hear him. Would you like to tell me why?”

Natalia took a deep breath, not liking his tone of voice. He was talking to her as if she were a disobedient child. Her eyes narrowed as she realized this was the second time today someone was trying to make her feel like a child. She let go of the annoyance as he raised an eyebrow, waiting for an answer. “Order must be maintained.”

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