Daily Prompt: Running

From Inside the Grey House:

Vincent restrained himself from running to Joseph to pull him away from Natalia. His friend would not harm his woman, and in fact was letting her go now. Vincent strolled to the others with Charlie and Markus in tow. He waited for quiet as he stood facing the pair at the wall. Natalia displayed no emotion and was shaking herself off, checking for wounds. When she realized all was well, she turned the intensity of her warrior look on Vincent, making him growl. He would have an interesting night when the match was done.

Natalia watched as the vampires and werewolves behind Vincent greeted a man she didn’t recognize. Someone asked him a question and he just smiled large, showing off his fangs. There were several shouts of welcome, which she ignored in favor of the fight. She turned back to Joseph, who was looking toward his master.

“Let’s finish this, vampire.”

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