Daily Prompt: Situation

From Inside the Grey House:

“I was in the room when Anthony told you he was going to kill Theodore for what he did to Tina. I was there, Vincent, when you told him it was out of the question because Theodore is one of Edwin’s favorites. Saw the look in his eye when you explained the dangerous, delicate balance your men have to keep with Edwin’s lot. You saw it too, which is why you ordered him to leave the blood-sucking pervert alone. So I went, and I took care of the situation.”

“Edwin will order your blood. As he is my Captain, I’ll have to do as he orders.” His voice was deadly cold.

Natalia laughed. “Do you think I’m stupid, Vincent? I’ve killed five of his men so far, or didn’t you know? Have you heard word one from him? No, you haven’t. And you won’t. When I hunt, I hunt as a Slayer, so no one knows. Do you actually believe I would endanger you or your men?”

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