Daily Prompt: Unbutton

While looking for a scene with a complete different word, I reread this one. I like most of the scenes, chapters, books short stories I like, but some scenes catch my attention more than others. This is one of them. I like having characters tell how they decided to be with the other.

Since I liked this scene a lot, I decided to find a word in the passage to have as my “Daily Prompt” rather than use what the random word generator suggested. Feel free to tell me if you like the scene.

From Inside the Grey House:

He shrugged off her question. “Is that how you knew I wouldn’t kill you, or were you taking a chance?” He stopped pacing and turned back to Natalia.

“I wasn’t sure what you would do.” She stepped to him to unbutton his shirt. Her fingers whispered against the soft fabric of the shirt. “But once I saw you, I knew I had to take the chance.”

His hand went to rest on her jaw line, his thumb caressing her cheek. “Why?”

“It’s called lust, Vincent. I’ve spent a lot of years staying away from men; hungering after a creature I had no way of controlling.” Her hands caressed his now exposed chest. He was cool to the touch, as if he had just taken a cold shower. “There was a female Slayer who found her way into your household and into your bed. She described you with such shameful words. It was obvious how much she wanted you.”

“What was her name?” The large vampire tried hard to control his features, not wanting to show any of the emotions claiming his mind.

“Charlene.” She stopped her seduction, curious at the turn of the conversation. “Do you remember her?”

His eyes closed as he nodded slowly. “I met her in China, over a hundred years ago. We didn’t spend much time together, a month at the most. I didn’t know she was a Slayer.”

She gave him a slow smile, full of admiration and understanding. “You completely turned her head. Her entries fascinated me. I was all for finding out what kind of vampire you were. Then I saw you, and knew I had to have you.”

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