Daily Prompt: Quality

From Inside the Grey House:

The sword was about three and a half feet in length, looked like a two-handed sword but was lighter than a rapier. It was well balanced, a quality piece of work. The blade had the look of a Damascus sword, but the folds of metal were red, orange and yellow. The runes on it were almost invisible unless hit by direct light. She traced the symbols, wondering what they would do in direct sunlight. It was one o’clock in the morning. She would have to wait a few hours to find out. Backing away from the car, Natalia swung the sword, feeling the weight and balance. It really was a fine sword.

The reality of the sword slowly seeped into her being as she looked around. With the sword, she could kill all the vampires in the house, in the city, probably in the world. She was pretty sure the sword had been made by the Order of Light in the 16th century. The Order of Light had been a group of priests, monks and mages who decided they needed a little bit more help against vampires. The Order of Light was based in Siberia. They created swords and trinkets to help in the fight against Hellspawn. This sword was magic and seemed to have the same effect as sunlight on vampires. The blade simply had to cut the vampire in order to kill the creature. As far as Natalia knew, this relic was the only one left from the Order of Light’s magical arsenal. It was an extremely dangerous weapon and had to be hidden from Vincent’s enemies.

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