Daily Prompt: Implication

From Inside the Grey House:

Natalia smiled. She understood the implication. He was almost hers. “If God created the devil and the devil created pleasure, then couldn’t you say that God created the devil in order to create pleasure?”

He whimpered as she massaged him.

“Do you really believe that a deity as powerful and loving as God wouldn’t want us to feel pleasure? His first home for us was paradise. He created us to fit within one another. He created us to feel. Don’t you want to feel good? Don’t you want to know how it feels to lay naked next to a beautiful woman after making mad love to her? Don’t you want to know what Ifeel like?”

She stepped more fully in front of him. She was tall enough and the dress was short enough that it wouldn’t take much to slip him inside her. She didn’t want to, but wanted him to think she would. Natalia wondered what Vincent thought of all this. “Can you feel me? Can you feel my heat radiating, threatening to consume you? Wouldn’t you like to be consumed?”

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