Daily Prompt: Swallows

For this scene, I had to figure out how much blood a vampire took from Natalia. I started by figuring out how much water I could hold in my mouth for comfortable swallow. Then measured that. Then did the math to figure out how much it translated to in pints of blood. Not entirely accurate as I am not average human sized, but figured it was probably close enough. And no, I don’t remember the volumes anymore. I didn’t write it down.

From Inside the Grey House:

Joseph managed almost twenty swallows: over two pints of blood. She was lightheaded and needed to rest, but knew the fight wasn’t over. She understood now what Joseph had been thinking when asking her to fight. She had to get up and finish the fight. Natalia heard a sound behind her and knew Joseph was standing. She slowly opened her eyes, trying to get to her feet. Vincent tried to help her, but she once more pushed him away.

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