Daily Prompt: Stage

While Natalia spars with a friendly vampire, a man from her pass watches and sees when her humanity leaves.

From Inside the Grey House:

Natalia had learned a lot since her first match against Vincent. For one thing, don’t stop slashing when up against a vampire; it gave them time to recover. She fought a few before Vincent, but none who were the age or had the same skill of Vincent and his lot. As Joseph retreated, she slashed him a few more times, tearing up his shirt and skin. The smirk grew and her random thoughts faded, emptying her mind of non-essential clutter. The warrior inside took over, and the smirk faded to a coldness that made Joseph smile and Charlie shudder.

The werewolf watched as the smirk left her face, remembering a time when nothing but humanity accented her features. She had never looked this inhuman, even the two times she saved him from Zechariah. Charlie studied the woman he once loved and knew for certain she was gone for good. She belonged on this stage and others like it, fighting, plotting, winning. He felt a chill as he stared at her expression, wondering how it had come to this. He felt a tap on his shoulder and turned. His smile returned as he beheld Rebecca.

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