Daily Prompt: Go

When the word “go” came up in the prompt, I almost changed it without looking for it in the book. I decided, “What the hell?” and searched for it. I use “go” 54 times. Less than I expected. It’s an easy word to use. I’m sure we, a humans and writers, use it all the time.

In this scene, Joseph, a vampire, has been impaled by a wooden staff. He and others are figuring out how best to remove it.

From Inside the Grey House:

Joseph let go of Vincent’s wrist and pushed himself back a little. Grasping the staff, he pulled it out enough so that the end was no longer sticking out of his back. He flipped over, already starting to heal.

Kimberly watched as he moved, shaking her head. “That’ll work too.” She straddled him and grasped the staff. “Fast or slow, boss?”

“Do it quickly.” Joseph was feeling better. He heard several people run into the room and felt even better. Mierka was back with blood. His lover was by his side before Kimberly could pull the staff out, indicating she should wait.

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