Daily Prompt: Woke

I’ve had bad insomnia most of this wee (not falling asleep before 2am). Therefore, I wanted to find a passage about a character waking up refreshed, as that is the most fantastical thing I could ever write about. Apparently, no one wakes refreshed in this book. Therefore here’s Natalia waking up to a rather interesting scenario:

From Inside the Grey House:

The evening came with less confidence as Natalia woke to an empty bed. It was sometime after sunset, the curtains were drawn, but there was no light coming through the windows. There was a knock at the door, and she realized that was what woke her in the first place.

“Come in.” Her voice was groggy and hoarse, but the door opened just the same. Mierka came in holding a tray of food. Natalia sat up in bed and pulled the sheet with her to cover her body. “What’s going on?”

“You’ve been summoned.”

Natalia frowned. Vincent rarely summoned her. If he needed her, he usually came to her, especially when she was in bed. “By whom?”


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