Daily Prompt: Lamb

After healing from (SPOILERS REDACTED) Natalia is talking with a healer while eating some lamb stew. As we learned in Book One, Vincent has humans on his lands, and they farm lamb.

From Inside the Grey House:

“It’s lamb stew. There’s also bread, cheese, fruits and vegetables.” Eva was holding a tray with the other items. She was resting the tray on the edge of the tub, seemingly waiting for her to want it. Gail set a glass and a pitcher of water to her other side.

Natalia gave a nervous but proud laugh. “I feel like royalty.”

Lilly was carefully massaging conditioner into Natalia’s hair. “Stay with Vincent long enough and you will be.”

Natalia pulled away to look back at Lilly. She frowned at her healer. “What do you mean?”

“You’re Vincent’s woman. After you learn the ways of his House, you’ll run it.”

Natalia frowned. “Sounds archaic.”

“You’ll be given everything you want.”

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