Daily Prompt: Forced

I like fight scenes, but I’m never really sure if I write them correctly. I try and envision the scene in my head and write the movements. As I have only been exposed to Hollywood fights, the scenes may come off grander than possible. It’s fiction. I can live with that.

From Inside the Grey House:

The woman turned when she saw Natalia jumping toward her. As she was now the only true target, the girl aimed the bottle at her. It landed on Natalia’s outstretched arms. She closed her eyes to slits as the smell of garlic hit her. The oil, if made right, could blind a human. Since Dean was amongst the group, Natalia knew the oil would be potent. She slammed into the Slayer, opened her eyes, drew her hand back and punched the woman in the face. The girl brought the water bottle up and tried to spray her in the face. Natalia slammed the girl’s hand down on the floor, using more force than necessary. She was used to fighting vampires. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw movement and remembered the wooden stake in the girl’s other hand. A foot landed on that wrist before the Slayer could do anything against her.

Mierka saw Natalia launch herself at the girl, waited until the Slayer was down before moving forward. Once Natalia was straddling the Slayer, she stepped forward. Mierka saw the girl bring the wooden stake up to stab it at Natalia, and Mierka moved. The girl screamed in terror as the vampire imbedded the stiletto heel into the girl’s wrist. Meirka smirked as flesh parted and bone crunched. The smell of blood filled Mierka’s nostrils and she sighed. She gave Natalia a satisfied smile.

“I’ll take her from here.”

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