Daily Prompt: Information

Charlie is one of my favorite characters. Not just from this book, but from all the books I’ve written. He’s just fun.

From Inside the Grey House:

“So where are you going tonight?”

Natalia looked up from the library desk and glared at Charlie, who was dressed in his usual: white t-shirt, jeans and work boots. He was standing nearby, looking restless and dangerous. “Out. Why are you asking?”

Charlie shrugged and Natalia groaned inwardly. She could almost read his mind. “Vincent thinks it might be better if I left the house tonight. Thought maybe I could go with you.”

She gave him another glare. “Why would I want to take an agitated werewolf with me on an information gathering mission?”

He moved quickly to the desk, kneeling on the other side from Natalia, grasping his hands together as if pleading to her. “I’m bored. I’m restless. I’ve got nothing to do here. If I don’t get out of here, I’m going to start fighting the vampires, and that’s just asking for too much trouble.”

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