Daily Prompt: Calm

I could probably (and will probably) say this again and again: I love seduction scenes. A lot of what I write, comes out without thought. It flows from my brain to my fingertips, to appear on the page. I thought, when I decided to write about what I post, that I would have more to say. As most scenes come without me having to think to hard, I don’t have a lot to say about most. I still hope you enjoy what I share and always appreciate feedback.

From Inside the Grey House:

Natalia pulled away first, needing to catch her breath. Her face was flush. “Hello, lover.”

His eyes narrowed as his hunger broke through his attempt to stay calm. He growled at her as one hand went to the nape of her neck. His fingers caught her hair, bringing her head to the side. He continued the growl along her neck, tracing her vein with his lips. Her breath stopped as he bit her gently with his teeth. He had not exposed his fangs.

“You owe me blood, Natalia.” His voice whispered into her neck, traveling up her jaw line. He watched her reaction as he exposed his fangs to her.

“I do.” A low whisper. “When will you collect your payment?”

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