Daily Prompt: Interrupted

I’m going to take the opportunity to say that posting these snippets has helped me to find errors. The first sentence is a run-on. It will not be in final release. I am leaving it as is for this blog as an example. If you find an error in these snippets, feel free to tell me.

From Inside the Grey House:

Vincent turned when he heard an interrupted animal growl from behind, saw that Rebecca had the situation under control and turned back to Natalia. He waited until the two werewolves were out of the room and dismissed the incident in his mind. He knew Rebecca would brief him later. He turned back to Natalia, walked to her and stood over her unmoving body.

He turned to his people, all of whom were standing mute. Vincent did not take betrayal lightly, even when dealing with humans. “Though I wished to fight this human, I also wanted to punish her for killing Theodore. When she recovers, she will be fighting with us. She will be an asset to my house and family if she knows how to fight well skilled vampires. We are done for the night, you are released.”

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