Daily Prompt: Peace

While writing this book, I understood that the male lead was not a “good” guy. He plays by his own rules and has killed humans. Killing a human is not the worse thing he has done either. Therefore in order to have an antagonist that could clearly be an antagonist, I found what I thought was the most evil thing a human could do and made that the defining feature of the antagonist and his vampires. Edwin and his lot are not good, in any way. Natalia kills one of them (well, many of them) and thinks on her actions as she faces Vincent in a fight.

From Inside the Grey House:

Natalia stood tall, thinking on his words. He stated she could fight with his men. She won, but the win seemed bittersweet. When the fight was done, she would be paying for Theodore’s death. She should have known that Vincent would demand punishment for breaking the rules. She didn’t care. If she could restart the day and have a chance to leave Theodore alive, she wouldn’t take it. Theodore deserved to die, and Julia and Tina deserved peace. Natalia believed she had done the right thing and would take her punishment. They would end the fight, then she would take her punishment. Thinking Vincent weak from blood loss and feeling she could easily take down the vampire, Natalia attacked first, launching herself at him.

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