Daily Prompt: Discuss

I don’t want to say too much about this scene, as saying to much would reveal what happened before. Therefore, enjoy!

From Inside the Grey House:

He slipped his fingers out of her to hold her closer. “There is something I wish to discuss with you, Natalia.”

“Anything. Just make it fast.” She gave him a seductive look. “There are other, more pleasant things I want to do.”

His hand traveled up to her head to tangle in her soft, luxurious hair. “When did they become our men, Natalia?”

His words caught her by surprise. She thought back to the night’s event, remembering what she said and why. The look of surprise vanished, and she raised her head high, giving him a proud look. “I’ve spent the past five years fighting with these people, learning from them, talking to them, and living with them. The creatures I see the most are the ones that live in your household.”

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