Daily Prompt: Thin

The thought of a woman fighting in stilettos, or really any tall heels, was a real turn on for me. Until someone brought reality into the situation. When I first wrote this scene, it turned out well for Natalia. In the final edition, it does not.

From Inside the Grey House:

Fighting in a gown was hard, but she found that if she wore a dress with slits up the sides, it gave her more room to move. She hadn’t figured out how to keep steady on her heels, though. Natalia liked wearing heels and did so whenever she and Vincent went out. She sometimes wore heels around the house, just to drive him crazy. Moving slowly and seductively on heels and trying to walk as a warrior in them were two entirely different creatures. She felt like a child trying out heels for the first time. The sharp thin heels would be great to use as weapons, though. Now, as she was facing down a practice threat, she wasn’t too sure. She circled slowly using every other part of her body to intimidate, knowing that at some point the terrified vampire would strike.

And then he did.

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