Daily Prompt: Instructions

Vincent trusts some of his people explicitly. So much so, that if one gives an order he listens. This happens with very few of his people.

From Inside the Grey House:

Vincent fumed as the intercom buzzed from the security room. Mierka had gone there after greeting her man.

“Stairs. Now.”  It was an order.

Vincent, not waiting for more instructions, raced out the door Anthony held open. Anthony followed, wondering what the problem was. When he saw the healer holding Natalia, he felt his skin crawl. He tucked away his distrust of the woman to serve his leader in any way he needed.

Vincent sat on the stairs and carefully took Natalia from Lilly’s arms. “What happened?”

“She fainted. Happens when you think you can do more than your body is ready for.”

He placed a soft kiss on Natalia’s brow. “I thought you were supposed to heal her.”

“And I did. The poison has been removed and her wounds are gone. But that’s all I can do for her, sir. Anything beyond that needs to heal over time.”

Vincent gave the healer a hard look. “Such as?”

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