Daily Prompt: Depressed

In the “Contagion”, the rpg this book is based off of, there are Slayers and there are the monsters. I created a subclass of Slayers for my world. They are the vampire hunters, do not have the same ability as Slayers and are not treated very kindly by some of the Slayers. Dean is one of those people.

From Inside the Grey House:

He gave her a sad look and she saw how much he wanted her to understand. Natalia frowned but let down her guard and listened. “When Judith and I found out you were with the Hellspawn, she wanted to kill you. I stopped her from killing you, but she still shot you. I hated her for that. I ran away for a while, thinking I needed to be a warrior for the Slayers.” His look grew even more depressed. “I was really mad at you for allowing Judith and the others to die, but then after a while realized I was madder because you had escaped, and I didn’t.”

Her thoughts stilled. “What are you saying, Dean?”

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