Daily Prompt: Traffic

Vincent is not what you call “good”. He lives by his own rules and is not above killing, imprisoning and torturing people that get in his way, or harm hi m or his people. Therefore the antagonists had to be worse.

From Inside the Grey House:

“Those Edwin doesn’t trust are ordered to sleep at his house. If we don’t show up before sunrise, he sends people after us. Thugs he’s hired to keep us in line.” Janice looked distraught. “I was late once, traffic was bad. As I drove up, six people were getting onto motorcycles. When I got out of my car and went inside, they followed me until they saw I was going to Edwin.”

“I tried to get out once.” Kari waited until Vincent looked her way. “I told Edwin I wanted to go find some new challenges. I told him I would be back in a week. He said I could go, as long as I took an escort. To hide what I was doing, I went to Los Angeles. He had me take two of his thugs. They were with me everywhere I went. Edwin may not appear to be that bad, but he’s worse than you know.”

Vincent stared Kari down. “Edwin is a monster. Nothing about him surprises me.”

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