Daily Prompt: Dress

I like describing women’s clothing, as they can be so much more varied then men’s. I have used the internet to find interesting dresses, but I also use my own imagination, and, on occasion, my own wardrobe for the main woman’s clothing in my works.

From Inside the Grey House:

“Soon. She was at one of Anthony’s safe houses, waiting for instructions.” He heard the laughter again, and felt his body reacting. He craned his neck, trying to catch a glimpse. He stood taller as the crowd parted and revealed Natalia. The night improved tenfold.

Natalia’s dark hair, which was tied up in a French twist, sparkled in the light. The hairdo revealed her long neck in all its beauty. Her dress was black velvet with a silver vines and flowers climbing around it. The dress tied around her neck, confidently revealing her bite mark riddled shoulders and muscular arms. Her silver necklace was just under the string tie, almost hidden by the velvet. The dress was so short: it barely hid her ass. She was holding a black and silver rose, twirling it slightly in her hand. Her shoes, stiletto heels, matched the silver of the dress. He caught her eye and she smiled. She was almost to him. He started breathing, trying to stay in control of himself. As his eyes raked her body his only thought was to wonder where she had gotten the dress.

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