Daily Prompt: Poorly

I too, slept poorly last night. Unlike Natalia, I did not reach for my partner. He was asleep, and I did not want him to suffer from my wakefulness.

From Inside the Grey House:


She heard her name as if the wind were speaking it. When Natalia looked up, her heart and breath stopped. Vincent was standing not five feet from the desk and was coming closer. Last night, when he left her, the look on his face suggested disappointment. Now, there was lust. Natalia closed her eyes and took deep breaths to calm her racing heart. She slept poorly last night, waking often, reaching for the vampire that was not there. Not too long after sunrise, she woke for the last time, gave up trying to clear her mind and went looking for a shower and spare clothing. One of the house humans had shown her the spare bathroom and lent her clothing.

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