Daily Prompt: Tear *

*A (short, incomplete) lesson of the English language.

When this word came up and I searched my novel for any instances of it, I was reminded by the oddness of the English language. Here are three examples of ‘tear’ in my novel. Two have similar meanings and sound the same, but are still used differently. The third has a completely different meaning and does not sound the same.

1) Tear: to rip apart physically

As Joseph retreated, she slashed him a few more times, tearing up his shirt and skin.

2) Tear: to rip through, but not physically

Natalia turned back to the notebook, her previous thoughts still tearing through her mind.

3) Tear: that which falls from the eyes when emotional.

He brushed away her tears, smearing the black mascara across her cheeks.

English is amusing. We have our language due to the mix of a few different languages. I hope that we continue to accept and assimilate different languages into our own. There are a few movies that add Asian words into English. I want that to happen. I want humanity to keep their native languages, but have one that everyone understands (or mostly understands) that is a mix of all languages. The idea fascinates me and brings me peace.

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