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I like Charlie’s relationship with his wife. They are very close and he tells her everything.
When I initially wrote The Grey House, I started with Natalia’s birth, went through her childhood and her young adulthood. She met Charlie and dated him, while knowing he was a werewolf. When I edited went to publish, I was advised to start not at her birth. And then to take out Charlie from the book almost completely. I couldn’t Charlie is my favorite character in this entire trilogy/series. I have already started writing his history, to be able to show Natalia and Charlie’s relationship. Also, it would allow me to share how Rebecca and Charlie interact more. It’s in the works.

From Inside the Grey House:

“Why don’t you start with why you think it’s your fault she got hurt?” Her voice was kind. “I’ll make breakfast.”

He smiled at her as his tension momentarily melted away. His wife knew him very well. He sat at the counter as she started gathering food. “Happened after Natalia hypnotized her friend. I wasn’t paying too much attention to my surroundings.”

He continued the story as she made breakfast. Though she listened, part of her mind was on the fact that Natalia had a human friend. Rebecca knew it was dangerous to have human friends. She had none herself. Never had. She grew up knowing what she would become and had been warned against making any unnecessary bonds. Her only friends growing up were the adult werewolves her parents knew and Vincent’s crew. Her parents worked for Vincent until Rebecca was old enough to take over. Vincent convinced her great-grandfather to work for him, and her family had been working for the vampire ever since.

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