Daily Prompt: Equipment

Skipping my usual explanations as I experienced bad insomnia again last night. Hope you all slept well.

From Inside the Grey House:

“Natalia.” He considered for a moment turning off the security cameras but decided against it. Mierka was watching, but there was no reason to turn off the cameras as nothing said here would go further than the surveillance equipment and the guard.

“Joseph said you would tell me what was going to happen next.”

Vincent nodded. “He’s right.”

“Are you going to punish me now?”

The vampire started to pace slowly in the small room. “Your punishment is done, Natalia. This is your first offense, so I’ll explain the rules. If you do something that I would consider a betrayal, then I or Joseph or Mierka will punish you, depending on the severity. Small betrayals deserve small punishments; large betrayals deserve more. I’m not here to punish you; I’m here to find if I’m ready to be with you again today, or if it will have to wait until tomorrow.”

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