Daily Prompt: Plastic

There are a couple scenes that emerged during a later re-write of the book. I originally thought the trilogy was a single book, as it was the first novel I had written, I didn’t think about the word count, and I didn’t format properly. When I realized it was a trilogy, I had to add a little to the second book to bump up the page/word count.
Having people read and give me advice really helped to fill out the trilogy and make certain characters more real. And really, anything that includes more Charlie makes me happy.

From Inside the Grey House:

“What are you going to do?”

“Take down my prey. Stay in the car, you’ll only get in the way.” Natalia rummaged in her backpack, pulled out a plastic sandwich bag stuffed with a wet cloth. Charlie didn’t ask about it as Natalia carefully placed it into her front pocket. She turned to Charlie once she had what she needed. “Turn wolf; hide in the back seat. Don’t show yourself when I come back to the car.”

“You’re not telling me your plan, are you?”

“Change to wolf; hide in the back seat. Don’t show yourself when I come back.”

With that, she was out of the car and headed across the street.

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