Daily Prompt: Agenda

There are a few times in this novel that Vincent wonders if he’s made the right decision in having Natalia in his life.

From Inside the Grey House:

“Is it safe to keep her when she has her own agenda and will continue to defy me? This may cause too much dissension in the ranks.”

“She does as she pleases to further her own cause but has only openly defied you this once. You yell at each other, but generally in rooms no one else is in. We all know that you allow her a certain amount of leeway, but tonight proved that you are still in control. Your lover challenged you, but you showed her and all others in your house that you will punish her if she steps out of line. You have not lost face.”

Vincent nodded. “Then she stays.”

Joseph bowed then left the room. Vincent stayed where he was, tapping his fingers on his thigh as he thought about the situation for a few more minutes before leaving the room.

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