A book review

Fiona’s Guardians by Dan Klefstad

I want to thank Dan for allowing me the opportunity to read Fiona’s Guardians before its October release date. There are a lot of positive things I could say about this book. Here are a few.

Fiona, a vampire, is the type of character I love. She makes her survival top priority, understands exactly what the consequences will be and revels in it. She does not care who she hurts to attain her goals, and hurting others seems to be part of her goals.

Though Fiona’s Guardians is from the perspective of a few characters, it is all about Fiona and her survival. At times, she shows a sensitive side, but even Daniel, her main guardian, knows she’s just being manipulative.

If you’ve read vampire stories before, the rules here are slightly different than the ‘norm’ but I like when authors do that. It makes the creatures their own.

A good read with strong characters. Highly recommended.

You can pre-order the book now and it will be delivered to your Kindle or other device on October 2, 2020. Do it! And in case you missed it above, click here for the link: Fiona’s Guardians

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