Daily Prompt: Idea

Vincent keeps one of his trusted men out of the loop on a few things, to make sure Anthony stays on his toes.

From Inside the Grey House:

“Sir. What happened?” Anthony looked to Natalia to see if her expression would reveal anything. It did not. The human was wearing the same smug, triumphant look on her face as Vincent was. Something had happened to their favor and Anthony had no idea what.

Vincent still had his arms around Natalia. The look on her face was priceless. He loved to see that look on her face: as if every secret in the world were hers. Vincent’s smile grew a little. She held at least one of the world’s greatest secrets. He turned to Anthony briefly, but turned back to Natalia to answer. “What happened isn’t your concern, Anthony. Don’t fret. All will be revealed in time.” He leaned into kiss Natalia. “Are you ready to venture back upstairs?”

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