Daily Prompt: Quietly

To me, this shows that Vincent relies on technology too much, and his people often are able to handle things better than he can. This is a very small part of the larger scene, of course.

From Inside the Grey House:

“Natalia. Natalia! Snap out of it. What did he do?” His voice was a cacophony of annoyance, frustration and concern. He was trying to be gentle, but the main Slayer was dead and Mierka had informed him that the other two could not talk. He needed to know what happened in the cell. The microphones hadn’t picked anything up; they had spoken too quietly.

Natalia heard her lover, her love, asking her what happened, but she couldn’t form the words. He asked her again, his frustration coming through far more clearly. Mierka came out of the cell waving Vincent away as she spoke to him. Natalia still had trouble listening and couldn’t make out the exchange between the two vampires. After a few moments, Vincent let Natalia go and Mierka knelt down beside her.

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