Daily Prompt: Level

I wrote this trilogy from 2005 to 2006. I was diagnosed with MS in October of 2006. As time has passed, I find seduction and sex scenes harder and harder to write, due to my own issues with MS, being touched and sex. Doesn’t mean I don’t like writing and reading the scenes though.

From Inside the Grey House:

She narrowed her eyes, giving him a seductive look. She grabbed his waistband and pulled him closer. Her words were a husky whisper. “Why not? I had fun.”

Vincent pulled her away from the wall, grabbed her wrists and trapped her hands. He pulled her arms over her head, pulling her slightly off the ground to bring her face level with his. “I came down here to chain you to a wall. I think I’ll follow through with that threat.”

She laughed as he dropped her back to the ground, spun her around and pinned her arms behind her. He herded her to the far wall, wanting the Slayers to witness what he did to her. At the wall, he spun her around, lifting her hands to the shackles. He left her feet free, having always enjoyed the feel of her legs wrapped around his waist. Once ensnared in the chains, he pressed her into the wall with his body, giving her a hard kiss.

“Does this excite you, Natalia?” Her thudding heart gave away her answer, but he enjoyed hearing it. “Very much.”

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