Daily Prompt: Sun

From Inside the Grey House:

“Natalia.” Vincent whispered her name softly, knowing she would hear. When she did not move from the desk full of papers, he frowned and tried again. “Natalia?” When she didn’t answer that time, frustration clouded his judgment and his voice was louder than he wanted it to be. “Natalia!”

She didn’t look up from the desk, but reached out and picked up a notebook, taking a better look at the words on the page. “What do you want, Vincent?”

“The sun has been up for nearly three hours. You stated you would be joining me.”

She frowned at the notebook then finally looked to the vampire. He was standing in the doorway to his bedroom, glaring at her. His arms were crossed, causing his black silk robe to stay mostly closed. Natalia turned back to the notebook, her previous thoughts still tearing through her mind. “I’m close to this, Vincent, I know I am. I need more time to think.”

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