Daily Prompt: Edge

Since this book is set in someone’s game world, and I don’t expect my readers to know the world fully, I do my best to describe what powers or abilities a creature has. I also try and explain what a type of creature is, if it has not been seen in mainstream culture.

From Inside the Grey House:

“I’m a Slayer. I hear the Angels and I kill Hellspawn for God at His request. I wasn’t able to hear you because we’re only alerted to the comings and goings of Hellspawn. I have also sworn to protect humans from the truth in the darkness. Though not all of my brethren care for the human race, I do. I recognize that we all begin as humans and are tainted or blessed as needed. Because of my self-appointed role, I’m able to tell when a human is nearby, to ensure that I don’t expose them to the truth. You, you are neither fully human nor tainted by Hellspawn. I would accuse you of being nothing, but that wouldn’t be the truth. You are the One Walking the Edge, and I’m not able to predict where you will fall.”

“And you’re telling me this, because?”

“You would have figured it out on your own eventually.”

“What does this all mean? Can the other Slayers sense me?”

He tried to hide the answer, but she saw it in his eyes and drew back in surprise. She whispered the answer.

“You don’t know.” The implication made her skin tingle. This knowledge opened up whole new avenues for her. Since joining Vincent’s house, she had assumed she would be a known vampire’s woman and approached Slayers thinking they knew she was Hellspawn. Jeffery’s story showed her that they might not know her, might not even see her. It meant she could approach Slayers for knowledge and possibly not kill them, possibly use them instead, leaving them alive until she was done with them.

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