Daily Prompt: Retire

Vincent treats everyone the same, no matter their status in his house.

From Inside the Grey House:

He moved again and Natalia found herself facing her vampire lover. One of his hands was around her back, the other wrapped lightly but firmly against her throat. “Make no mistake, human. If I don’t take you to my bed, it’s because I have no desire to rip you apart until you are able to recover from such massive damage. Understood?”

Natalia nodded, fear and curiosity shining in her eyes.

“Good.” He let her go and backed up a little. “Go change. You will be watching us fight tonight and for the rest of the week. At the end of the week, we will formulate rules for when you fight. After training, we will retire to our bedroom and spend some time alone. Agreed?”

She nodded; amazed he was able to change his mood so quickly. “You treat everyone the same way, don’t you? It doesn’t matter that I sleep with you. I disobeyed an order and you punished me. You didn’t give me any chance to talk my way out of it or sleep my way out of it and you never will.”

“Did you expect to be treated differently?”

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