Daily Prompt: Stumble

I’ve shared this before, but it’s one of my favorite scenes.

From Inside the Grey House:

Vincent took a few menacing steps to Charlie, invading his space, causing the werewolf to stumble back to the door. With his back pressed against the door, Charlie gave Vincent a wide-eyed crazed look. “Would you have preferred if we were caught? Or seen and chased in San Francisco? She knew what she was doing, sir. It was a smart idea.”

The vampire crossed his arms and leaned in just a touch more. “Did you enjoy making out with my woman?”

“How the hell do you expect me to answer that?!?” Charlie yelled; he couldn’t help it. He was sure his voice carried outside the office.

Vincent grinned maliciously while Charlie breathed deeply to calm himself. Still smiling, Vincent backed up to lean against the nearby chair. “I expect you to tell me the truth.”

Giving up the fight, Charlie let himself slump to the ground as he continued to breathe deep to stop himself from turning Blitzkrieg. After a couple minutes, Charlie looked up at Vincent. “At first, I was worried about what Rebecca would say, then about what you would do, but in the end, she just feels too good and knows how to distract men way to well. Of course, I enjoyed her. She’s a beautiful woman that I used to screw on a regular basis. How would you feel if an ex-girlfriend came up to you and started making out with you for no reason you could discern?”

“I’m not happy with you, Charlie.”

Charlie stood, angry and annoyed. “You know what, Vincent? Screw you. She’ll be in your bed tonight and what about me? I’m going to spend the night in my bed,” he raised his right hand, “with my right-hand man. My wife, who would be more than happy to remind me that I’m hers after an incident like this, is conveniently in another part of this country. You get to leave this room, find your woman, throw her into your bed and claim her and make her scream your name. I’ve got I don’t know how long before I see my woman again.”

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