Daily Prompt: Agree

From Inside the Grey House:

It had been the same with her job at The Ocean’s Edge. No longer needing her waitress job, she called Richard and let him know there was a family emergency. She apologized for not giving two weeks and he wouldn’t let her, stating she could return at any time and have her job back. She thanked him and never called him again. He had been too eager to accept the lies as well. The lies people accepted in order to continue their deceptive existence, made her uneasy.

Natalia stirred as somewhere above her a door slammed. She took a deep breath, pushing her memories away. The necklace in her hand needed to be returned to its rightful family. Natalia took one more look at the blue stone, gathering strength from the knowledge that she had done the right thing. She took one more breath, hoping Vincent would agree, and started back up the steps to her fate.

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