Daily Prompt: disoriented

From Inside the Grey House:

Natalia woke fitful, hot, thirsty, nauseated and confused. Disoriented and groggy, she woke a little more, expecting to be in Zechariah’s cabin. Since the bed was comfortable and nothing smelled like pine, she knew she wasn’t in the cabin. Then she considered it and for some reason believed she was in a moving car until she realized that she wasn’t moving: her vision was swimming. Natalia turned on her side toward the edge of the bed. The small movement caused her to become woozy. She groaned and tried not to throw up. Pain entered her senses and the groan grew louder until she was nearly screaming. It ended in a squeak; she was too weak for more than the small noise. Pain radiated from too many different parts of her body.

A dark shape came into her field of vision and helped her to sit up a bit. A dark hand held a glass of water out to her, as she sipped the cool, refreshing liquid. She protested when the glass was taken away from her before she was ready. She opened her eyes to look at the person teasing her with the beverage, not understanding why she couldn’t see the person kneeling in front of her. She tried again, failing as dizziness took over and she flopped onto the bed.

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