Daily Prompt: ghost

To me, this scene, the full one anyway, shows that Vincent will follow his own rules, even if it means breaking them.

From Inside the Grey House:

“Vincent. I-”

He pressed his lips to hers, silencing her. He pulled away, caressing her cheek, peering deep into her eyes. “Hush, Natalia. No more words. It’s been a long night and day. I want to be in our bed, sleeping, not arguing.”

“I did something that deserves punishment, Vincent. I know what you-”

He silenced her again, speaking softly. “No more Natalia. No more words.” His hand went into her hair, feeling the velvetiness of her dark tresses. “Too much has happened today, and I want it done with. There is no need to finish this, because it is done.”

Natalia gave him a look as if to argue, and he silenced her by pressing two fingers to her open lips.

“If we must, we’ll speak tonight. No more now, Natalia, I beseech you.”

Natalia looked deep into her lover’s eyes, searching for clues to his mood. All she saw was a deep exhaustion and knew there was no deception. It had been a long day: Edwin knew of her, she had confessed her feelings to Vincent and herself, had been confronted by a ghost, then taken him down to save her people. Not to mention the loss of Jesse, finding out about Donald, and killing her only link to the information. She leaned into Vincent, allowing all her tension to melt away. His arms wrapped around her tighter for a moment, then he let her go to pick her up. He kissed her all the way to the bed, pulling away only to lay her down. He was beside her quickly, untying her robe, pulling the silk from her willing body.

“I thought you wanted to sleep.” There was humor in her voice.

“I changed my mind. Do you object?” His hand moved slowly down her torso, caressing her soft skin.

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