Daily Prompt: doubt

A scene about Charlie again. Because why not?

From Inside the Grey House:

“This makes me question your loyalties, Charlie. If the situation presented itself, would you protect Natalia or me, first?”

“Natalia.” His answer was too quick, and he knew it. Charlie shook his head and spoke again, hoping Vincent would allow an explanation. “You’re far stronger than Natalia. I doubt you would ever need my protection.”

Vincent said nothing for a moment, drumming his fingers on the desk. He wasn’t surprised by the answer. “If the situation presented itself, who would you protect? Natalia or your Alpha?”

Charlie turned to Rebecca, holding his hand out to her. She took his hand, knowing what he was going to say by the look in his eyes. “I spent too many years looking for my wolf. Why would I ever risk losing her?”

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