Daily Prompt: failure

I find it fascinating that this was the first word the random generator came up with. This morning, at 5am, my internet was not working. My day job is still (thankfully) work from home and I need my internet to work. They are understanding and allow for internet problems, therefore I wasn’t really worried about it, but it’s still an inconvenience.
Then, I got up early, readied myself for the day and came to my computer… to blog… and was immediately depressed as I thought I might not be able to share anything today! I tried my internet and it worked!!! YAY! (My phone and computer internet are not the same service. I use my computer for the majority of my internet/social media communications. I like real, full sized keyboards.)
At any rate, when I saw the word failure, I thought, “What we have here, is a failure to communicate.” Which is close to a Cool Hand Luke quote.
I almost had a failure to communicate ability with my readers. I’m glad I did not. Have a great one and here’s what you really came for:

From Inside the Grey House:

“To what end?”

“Jesse’s dead.”

Vincent nodded once, slowly. “And that is my cross to bear. I don’t blame you for his death. You stated for me to keep everyone away; I didn’t listen. My fault: not yours. Despite his death, I wouldn’t change this night. We showed Edwin and his men what you are capable of and Edwin did not have a chance to declare himself Captain. We were also able to capture some Slayers and take a powerful weapon away from our enemies. This night was not a failure, Natalia. It was a win. Enjoy it.”

She looked as if she wanted to listen to him, but it was obvious that she wasn’t comfortable with declaring this night a victory. Vincent took her into his arms again, carefully caressing her cheek and jaw line. He gave her a soft kiss on the lips but pulled back before too long.

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